Thursday, January 17, 2008

Big Blogger

My, you surprised me. And why are you wearing that?

I sometimes dress like this in my spare time.

You come and see me in your spare time.

I come and see you when you call. Can't help it if I'm dressed wrong.

Fair point. What do you want?

You don't get this do you St? You want me to ask you questions such as 'How is it going?' or 'What are you thinking about?' You called.

I guess I've been avoiding you. Sorry.


Well it's interesting that if, say, things were not going that well, or I was disappointed at progress, I wouldn't find it as easy to put my thoughts here as I used to.

Why not?

Good question. I suppose firstly there is the army of people who read but never comment and then tell me in Tescos that they liked what I wrote. If I'd wanted a verbal conversation I'd have started one. I think better in writing on some matters even though when I speak I'm pretty damn sharp and articulate and that. Secondly, since I try and work as collaboratively as possible, I have to make 100% sure that anything critical has already been shared with the collaborators and that they won't be wounded by anything that looks like public criticism.

Blimey, where you get sensitivity and tact all of a sudden?

I don't know. Perhaps those God calls he equips or something. But why don't people value feedback unless it's totally positive.

Because you're weird. Most people don't enjoy being told how they're doing. You have to be pretty safe with your own identity to welcome negative feedback.

But how do you grow if you don't welcome negative feedback.

Now you ask good questions.


Don't be silly.

Sorry. So does a minister simply have to spend all their time being enthusiastic and encouraging even if people are, hypothetically of course, being rubbish?

Perhaps it makes people like you.

It makes people like me what?

It makes people like you. The opposite of dislike. Not it makes people such as you.

Funny. Why would I want that?

You can't want the opposite? By the way glad you didn't say lol.

You hate that too.

Absolutely. So you don't want folks to dislike you?

I suppose not. No-one wants people to hate them. Perhaps I ought to tread carefully but be more willing to question when things are done badly?

Are you enjoying your day off so far?

This is last week's day off. I've got this week's day off tomorrow. Having two days off in a row feels a bit like a weekend and I end up more willing to confront my demons on one of them.

Well done.

Are you just encouraging me because that's what you do?

You still don't get this do you?

Slowly BB. Slowly. Thanks for dropping by. That shade of pink suits you.

Do you think so?

You'll never know.

Readers new to the role BB plays in St's life may want to search back through the blog for previous examples of awkward conversations with imaginary friends. Try here or here or here or here or here.


Mr Gnome said...

Gentle suggestion:

This might be more reader-friendly if you alternated bold and plain text to indicate the two speakers....

: - )

Claire said...

I think I might be one of the army of reading non-writers so as I am not likely to bump into you in Tesco's (somewhat geographically challenged), I thought I'd take the plunge and put digits to keyboard.

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog conversation with BB.

There. Said it. Not very deep and meaningful, but non-verbal and it is my first attempt.

(Oh, and thank you for introducing me to Christopher Brookmyre. Brilliant!)

St said...

Mr G, thanks for your gentle suggestion. I intend to ignore it but it was really nice of you.

david said...

Perhaps the two personas become so intertwined that even st forgets which is which.

jw said...

Perhaps it's easier for some to wait till they get to Tesco's. A discussion would help pass the time while you unload their trolley!