Friday, November 10, 2006

Big Blogger

For those who haven't read way back in the archives Big Blogger is an imaginary friend who turns up every now and again and gives me a hard time. Trust BB to turn up on my day off. And dressed like that too.


Hi St. What are you up to?

Trying to work out how to get work off my mind on a day off sandwiched between two busy days.

Get out.


Get out. Go somewhere else. It's not love that's all around here it's work. Go where it isn't.

But I want to stay around today.

The old cake eat it problem.

Never really got that. What's the point of having cake if you can't eat it?

Good point. You should research that. They tell me the internet's very good for research.

Ha ha. Did I tell you the fridge freezer went wrong again?

Another reason to eat the cake quickly. Anyway, you should get that seen to.

Engineer is coming on Tuesday. Meanwhile the hottest place in the kitchen is the fridge.

Is that getting you down?

Yeah. I hate broken things. I like things that are pretty good and making them great.

Is that why you're enjoying work?

Am I? I guess I am. And yes it is. Nothing's really broken round here; it just doesn't seem to have been used to its full capacity. Need to put the throttle down and see what this thing can do.

Easy tiger. No point gunning it without a map.

Can't we just keep the sun on our right?

You got sun there?

Good point. No, only grey.

So dress in colour today. Be the brightest thing around. Go and buy some seasonally coloured clothes. They tell me pistachio is in.

Is that what colour that is?

No, this isn't available where you come from?


No earth.

Do you think this is getting increasingly surreal?


That's so old.

Where's your mind?

Ooh. Not on work.

I'm hot.

Ta BB. OK, ten minutes of keyboards, find a soundtrack to the day, breakfast, housework, gym, a drive somewhere else, home, read, cook, TV and the sofa.

And remember, the garage is colder than the fridge.

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