Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Hello St; how are you today?

Hello Big Blogger - nice to be talking to a woman for a change.

Oh I see - there will be a pause until I tell you how I am. Well not as wrecked emotionally as yesterday but still a bit wobbly.

You miss your baby?

Good thought. I'm glad Jon has moved out, found someone he is happy with, found a place to live, got a vision for his future and that when he left we told each other we loved each other and I shed some tears. I don't want him back. But I do sort of miss my baby. When he is around he is a bundle of memories and childhod illnesses and accidents, fun experiences and family history. When the remaining three of us sat around eating dinner last night we ended up doing reminiscences about Jon. We laughed. I guess we all want access to those moments in the past that have gone. I'd love to cuddle my two year olds again but they grew up. I don't want another two year old; there are too many things I don't want to do again.

Zis is perfectly normal behaviour for one realising they are moving on from one phase of life to another.

What happened to that nice, deep woman's voice interviewing me?

Is there anything else you want to say St?

Yes. I don't know what I want to do with the rest of my life. Any ideas?

What could you do?

Well unless someone wants to pay me to play keyboards in their band (and at 50 that is unlikely) I guess I should either spend the next 15 years being a clergyman or an author. What do you think?

Ever thought of broadcasting?

You don't normally make suggestions.

There aren't as many rules to this as you think.

I'll think it over.

Don't think, do.

I know; that's always been my problem.

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