Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ooh my motivation

Where did it go? A great week's holiday in Pembrokeshire to celebrate our pearl wedding anniversary and the whole back to work thing has been really hard. There are lots of things I could start, but then again why start something you can't finish. That's how my motivation is answering any requests to start something anyway. My motivation is like a dodgy set of jump leads.

I used to have lots of conversations with an imaginary friend called Big Blogger about all this but feel a tad vulnerable about the sort of things BB might get me to say which I'm not exactly prepared to unleash on an unsuspecting public just yet. Thing is I can't exactly control when BB will turn up. Only a bit imaginary you see. Tends to butt in.

I've been here in Nailsea four days short of a year now. Time for a review I think. Laters.

1 comment:

Caroline Too said...

Yes, I've been missing Big Blogger...

I often think that (s)he brings the best out of you