Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jesus on Wheels

A long time ago (May 2006 actually) I posted that my younger son gave me a Jesus on Wheels. I thought it would be good if I gave him to anyone going anywhere fun around the world. Guess what. He went to Paris and performed with the London Symphony Orchestra. How cool is that? Ask me if you want to take him on an adventure. He's not very big or demanding.


david said...

Perhaps he should meet up with Mr Gnome?

Ali said...

What a shame I didn't know this earlier, He could have attended the St Patrick's Day parade in Boston.

That's probably as big an adventure as we will have this year, but if anything else crops up I'll keep him in mind.

St said...

Great idea David.

Mr Gnome said...

Mr Gnome is a big fan of Jesus - despite the sandalled One's consistent refusal to go for the pointy-hat fashion option.

Mr G says: 'In my own very small way I'm a bit of supernatural being myself.

'And like the Lord I am VERY fond of all you HBs.

'But I take my (pointy) hat off to JC. I mean, he actually BECAME an HB. The full-on incarnation thingy. What was all that about?

'Anyway, respect.'

Mr Gnome said...


Ah, orthodox theology will out.

There's the Lord with the whole orchestra to choose from, and goes straight to the humble triangle....

He clearly feels at home with it.