Sunday, December 09, 2018

Advent Thought 7

As someone said the other day, 'They've put the decorations up while Chris Rea is still looking for his car keys.' It's worse than that. Chris Rea's family haven't even finalised the arrangements for Christmas.

So, as the cul-de-sac opposite which I live makes its renewed attempt to be a Nailsea street which gets visited because of the splendour of its lights, even the street light outside my house is out. Don't tell. We sleep better when it's broken.

Yet in the dark streets shineth...

This year we have gone for tokenism. Our young friend Elliott makes reindeer each Christmas. I think Dad does a lot of the work.

This is Ron, an early arrival at the Christmas Ball. He is waiting by the fire. I like to think he is getting prepared not being decorative. As should we.

We will put up a tree, in the front window, next week. It will be splendid. How good are you at waiting when everybody else isn't?

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