Friday, December 07, 2018

Advent Thought 6

There is a certain necessity of patience about an orchid. Fragile, delicate and beautiful, this one thrives in a warm bathroom. The petals look lovely for a while and then gradually drop off. At this point all you can do is wait. It is resting. It is gathering up its botanical willpower to go again. You have to resist the desire to over-water it during this waiting time. Orchids don't exactly thrive on neglect but putting them in the right place is very important. Once that is done they are easy to care for. That window stays shut in the cold weather.

Your poinsettias may win the Christmas beauty pageant, but the orchid will be back.

If your life is in an ugly place right now you might have to wait it out for a bit before it can be beautiful (again).

And if you've been busy flowering for a long while then take some Advent time to build up your strength. Preferably before bits begin to drop off, in your case.

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