Thursday, July 19, 2012

Olympic News 2

Your daily update of news from the Olympic reporting stream, summarised and spin-free:

1. Almost all the top reports on the BBC feed currently include the word 'concern' at some stage. All such concerns appear to be minor and easily dealt with.

2. In case no-one has noticed, in seven years we have planned, built and equipped several major sporting venues.

3. The weather will be changing just in time.

This may not be entirely spin-free but it's my blog so there:

4. We have decided to encourage G4S Security by waving the prospect of a huge fine in front of them once they have finished. They probably knew that. In this column's first serious criticism of anything apart from media exaggeration we note that competition and co-operation are not easy partners. Thanks Mrs Thatcher. 'How can we help?' may well trump 'You screwed up.'

1 comment:

Steve C said...

But can we still tell Mrs Thatcher that she screwed up? Please?