Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Olympic News

In a gentle attempt to be arrested or closed down for misuse of trademarked words such as rings, summer and games I will attempt to summarise for you all what I learned from the Olympic news in the media over the last 24 hours. I will, as far as is possible, be removing the spin, scaremongering and D**ly M**l from my posts.

1. There has been a slight problem with providing the right number of security personnel for the games but this has been overcome with the help of the police and the army.

2. Most venues are full but there are still some tickets available for some events.

3. You cannot take weapons onto the various sites apart, obviously, from javelins, guns, bows and arrows, bare fists, hockey sticks and biros.

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Greenpatches said...

Biros? Since when has calligraphy been an olympic event?