Friday, July 20, 2012

Olympic News 3

Lord Coe on Radio 4's Today did a good job just now of keeping positive about what, if you pay attention, has been a very good preparation for the games. To correct yesterday's spin:

1. One coach driver missed one turn in the job of transporting competitors from the airport to the site.

2. The simultaneous holding of 26 World Sporting Championships in a week's time is on schedule and target.

3. 'It was only on July 11 that G4S said, 'No, we're not going to get the numbers we wanted,' at which point the plans that had sensibly been put in place in advance were actually put into action.' (Immigration Minister Damian Green on BBC2's Newsnight)

Leadership is about vision and reaction. The vision to dream a dream of what might be and the reaction to those problems that crop up as you pursue it.


Cristeen said...

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Ian S-T said...

Agreed: thank you Steve for your correctional journalism. Why is it that we Brits (esp. our media) are determined to paint everything as an epic fail? Does it actually make us feel superior to the failures? Not really, it just makes us all miserable. The Games are gonna be great! (watching on the big screens at New Wine Newark)