Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Music List - Albums J

A dull list of Js to contemplate. Jaga Jazzist is one of my weirder jazz albums but the rest of the ones begining with jazz are all tutorials for me. Except Jazz Liberatorz who, along with the United Future Organisation, push the boundaries and cross-over of jazz.

Joe Jackson 1979 (V) Look Sharp
1979 (V) I'm the Man
1982 (V) Night and Day
Michael Jackson 2001 (CD) Greatest Hits History Vol I
2003 (CD) Number Ones
Jaga Jazzist 2003 (CD) The Stix
The Jam 1983 (V) Snap
Bob James 1977 (V) Heads
Jamiroquai 1993 (Tape) Emergency on Planet Earth
2001 (CD) A Funk Odyssey
Jars of Clay 1996 (CD) Jars of Clay
Norman Jay 2003 (CD) Journeys by DJ
Jazz Classics 1994 (CD)
Jazz Liberatorz 2007 (CD) Clin d'oeil
Jazz Pianists 1994 (CD) The Great...
Jazz Piano 1994 (CD)
Jefferson Starship 1979 (V) Freedom at Point Zero
The Jesus and Mary Chain 1987 (CD) Darklands
Grace Jones 1985 (CD) Island Life
Jesus Jones 1989 (V) Liquidizer
1991 (V) Doubt
Jethro Tull 1972 (CD) Living in the Past
1972 (V) Thick as a Brick
1975 (V) Minstrel in the Gallery
JJ No. 3 2010 (CD) JJ No. 3
Elton John 1970 (V) Elton John
1970 (V) Tumbleweed Connection
1971 (V) Madman Across the Water
1973 (V) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
1976 (V) Blue Moves
Johnny Boy 2007 (CD) Johnny Boy
Robert Johnson 2002 (CD) Contracted to the Devil
Daniel Johnston 2009 (CD) Is and Always Was
Ewan Jones 2009 (CD) Ordinary
Howard Jones 1984 (V) Human's Lib
1985 (V) Dream Into Action
Junip 2010 (CD) Fields
Jurassic 5 1998 (CD) Jurassic 5 LP

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