Tuesday, September 06, 2011

How to run a great church meeting; commandments 19-26

1. The chair needs to have good enough hearing to be able to pick up the nuances of mutters. Or the meeting needs to be very well behaved if the disability is acknowledged.

2. All hesitations about innovative matters which involve spending money should be delivered after a period for a good discussion.

3. Sensitivity about good actions that may one day upset a minority should not be at the forefront of a debate.

4. Enthusiasm for vision and strategy should outweigh that for details.

5. The opinions of a future chair, not yet in the meeting, or known, or identified, should not be taken into account.

6. Break for prayer. It's a church meeting.

7. Take things outside the meeting if they don't need everyone's time.

8. Have no desire to make sure everyone gets that what you are doing personally is important and useful.

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