Saturday, September 03, 2011

Music List - Albums G

Well here beginneth my infatuation with Genesis as a spotty teenager. Saw them blow the crowd away at Reading 1973 (the third time I'd seen them by then). This led to the Peter Gabriel appreciation society. Also I enjoyed the blues guitar playing of Rory Gallagher (RIP) who can still cheer me up on a wet morning. Steve Gibbons was a Birmingham pub rocker who had a couple of chart singles. He didn't need a keyboards player at the time. Greasy Truckers was a dirt-cheap live album featuring Hawkwind, a weird guy called Magic Michael, Brinsley Schwarz and Man - the latter doing a 22 minute live version of Spunk Rock which descended into madness.

Peter Gabriel 1977 (V) Peter Gabriel 1
1978 (V) Peter Gabriel 2
1980 (V) Peter Gabriel 3
1982 (V) Peter Gabriel 4
1986 (Tape) So
1992 (Tape) Real World
2002 (CD) Up
Rory Gallagher 1971 (V&CD) Rory Gallagher
1971 (V) Deuce
1973 (V) Blueprint
1973 (V) Tattoo
1975 (CD) Against the Grain
1987 (CD) Defender
2003 (CD) Wheels Within Wheels
Gallagher and Lyle 1976 (V) Breakaway
Marvin Gaye 1971 (CD) What's Going On
Geezers of Nazarath 2004 (CD) Songs on the Radio
Genesis 1970 (V) Trespass
1971 (V) Nursery Cryme
1972 (V) Foxtrot
1973 (V) Selling England by the Pound
1974 (V) The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
1976 (V) A Trick of the Tail
1976 (V) Wind and Wuthering
1977 (V) Seconds Out
1978 (V) And Then There Were Three
1980 (V) Duke
1981 (V) Abacab
1982 (V) Three Sides Live
1983 (V) (Untitled)
1986 (V) Invisible Touch
Steve Gibbons Band 1976 (V) Any Road Up
1977 (V) Rollin' On
1978 (V) Down in the Bunker
1991 (CD) On the Loose
Girls Aloud 2003 (CD) Sound of the Underground
2005 (CD) Chemistry
Glasvegas 2008 (CD) Glasvegas
Gnarls Barkley 2005 (CD) St Elsewhere
Golden Silvers 2009 (CD) True Romance
Goldfrapp 2000 (CD) Felt Mountain
2003 (CD) Black Cherry
Gomez 1998 (CD) Bring It On
1999 (CD) Liquid Skin
2000 (CD) Machismo E.P.
2000 (CD) Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline
2002 (CD) In Our Gun
José Gonzales 2003 (CD) Veneer
2007 (CD) In Our Nature
Ruben Gonzales 1997 (CD) Introducing...
The Good, the Bad and the Queen 2007 (CD) The Good, the Bad and the Queen
Gorillaz 2001 (CD) Gorillaz
2005 (CD) Demon Days
2010 (CD) Plastic Beach
The Go! Team 2004 (CD) Thunder, Lightning, Strike
Go West 1985 (V) Go West
Grateful Dead 1989 (V) Nightfall of Diamonds
David Gray 1998 (CD) White Ladder
Greasy Truckers' Party 1972 (V) Greasy Truckers' Party
Great Jazz Pianists 1994 (CD) Great Jazz Pianists
Green on Red 1989 (V) This Time Around
1989 (V) Here Come the Snakes
Greenslade 1973 (V&CD) Greenslade
1973 (V) Bedside Manners are Extra
1974 (V) Spyglass Guest
1975 (V) Time and Tide
2000 (CD) Large Afternoon
Dave Greenslade 1976 (V) Cactus Choir
Lee Griffiths 2000 (CD) Northern Songs
Grinderman 2007 (CD) Grinderman
Groove Armada 2007 (CD) Greatest Hits
Groove Armada Presents 2004 (CD) Guardian Free CD
Groundhogs 1972 (CD) Split
The Guardian 2004 (CD) FCD
2004 (CD) FCD
2005 (CD) FCD
2005 (CD) FCD
2005 (CD) FCD

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