Sunday, September 04, 2011

Music List - Albums H

Not much to brag about in the H-list. Probably any self-respecting modern jazz fan has Head Hunter. Most of the Herbie Hancock catalogue is for aficionados only. Pills n' Thrills is a great Happy Mondays album and the first Hard-Fi is very good except I can't play Move On Now because I associate it too closely with my boys leaving home. Hayes and Cahill will be familiar (although you may not know it) to anyone who has been at a prayer event I have run which has included some moody instrumental music on fiddle and guitar. Is it really 25 years since that first Housemartins album? Gee.

Steve Hackett 1975 (V) Voyage of the Acolyte
Daryl Hall and John Oates 1982 (V) H2O
M.C.Hammer 1990 (Tape) Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'em
Herbie Hancock 1973 (Tape and CD) Head Hunter
1973 (CD) Sextant
1974 (CD) Thrust
1975 (CD) Man-child
1999 (CD) Voyager
2001 (CD) Future 2 Future
Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea 1978 (CD) An Evening with...
Happy Mondays 1988 (CD) Bummed
1990 (V) Pills n' Thrills and Bellyaches
1992 (V) Yes Please
Hard-Fi 2005 (CD) Stars of CCTV
2007 (CD) Once Upon a Time in the West
The Heliocentrics 2007 (CD) Out There
Heritage Orchestra 2006 (CD) Heritage Orchestra
The Hidden Cameras 2003 (CD) The Smell of our Own
Lauryn Hill 1998 (CD) The Miseducation of...
Jools Holland 1992 (CD) The A-Z Geographers Guide to the Piano
Jools Holland and the Rhythm & Blues Orchestra
1996 (CD) Sex & Jazz & Rock & Roll
Jools Holland his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra and Friends
2001 (CD) Small World, Big Band
Roy Harper 1971 (V) Stormcock
Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill 1997 (CD) The Lonesome Touch
The Hold Steady 2006 (CD) Boys and Girls in America
2008 (CD) Stay Positive
David Holmes 2002 (CD) presents The Free Association
John Lee Hooker 1992 (CD) This is Hip
Hot Chip 2010 (CD) One Life Stand
Hot Hot Heat 2005 (CD) Elevator
Hothouse Flowers 1988 (V) People
The Housemartins 1986 (V) London 0 Hull 4
Hudson Mohawke 2009 (CD) Butter
The Hundred in the Hands 2010 (CD) The Hundred in the Hands

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