Friday, September 02, 2011

Music List - Albums F

I first saw the Faith Brothers supporting REM at Nottingham Rock City in the mid 1980s. One of the bets gigs I've ever been to. Billy Franks was an excellent song-writer. I heard nothing about him until Christopher Brookmyre gave him a name check in the jacket of one of his novels and I discovered he was still around writing songs but had never had fame or fortune. Their two albums are wonderful examples of the song-writer's craft and, since they never headlined in Nottingham, I went to see Julian Cope in order to hear them support. One of the few times I've ever heard a support band get an encore. Sample Come Sunday here. 'Who then are we who wouldn't be seen dead in the dreams of tyrants?' Great opening line. On November 11th will you wear 'an old-world contradiction in your button hole?' Who writes the songs to make you think these days?

Faithless were good company on the road for many post CPAS training evening drives home. They cheered my lonely nights. Rumours is also an album lots of us in our 50s today own. For a year everyone played it. It came out the year Mrs WWA and I married.

The first album I ever bought was Frijid Pink's debut but I sold it. For some reason I still own their less good second album. Four Tet (Kieran Hebden's performance name) is a wonderfuly innovative collection of music. Never seen him live but I'm told he sometimes plays stuff no-one has heard before, or the whole of one ten year old album. Quite chilled.

Sensual Thing by the Four of Us is currently one of my Desert Island Discs. It is a great rock song but here are two of the band doing it acoustically.

Fabulous Thunderbirds 1986 (V) Tuff Enuff
Faith Brothers 1985 (V) Eventide
1987 (V) A Human Soundtrack
Faithless 1996 (CD) Reverence
1998 (CD) Sunday 8 pm
2000 (CD) Back to Mine
2001 (CD) Outrospective
2004 (CD) No Roots
2006 (CD) Renaissance 3D
2010 (CD) The Dance
Family 1973 (V) It's Only a Movie
Fashion 1982 (V) Fabrique
The Fat Lady Sings 1991 (V) Twist
1993 (CD) Johnson
Fear of Music 2006 (CD) Various Artists
The Feelies 1980 (CD) Crazy Rhythms
Feist 2007 (CD) The Reminder
Fine Young Cannibals 1985 (V) Fine Young Cannibals
Neil Finn 2001 (CD) Songs from...
The Firm 1985 (V) The Firm
The Flaming Lips 2002 (CD) Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
Fleet Foxes 2008 (CD) Fleet Foxes
Fleetwood Mac 1977 (V) Rumours
1987 (V) Tango in the Night
Florence and the Machine 2009 (CD) Lungs
Flying Lotus 2010 (CD) Cosmogramma
FM 1986 (V) Indiscreet
1989 (V) Tough it Out
Foals 2010 (CD) Total Life Forever
Focus 1971 (V) Moving Waves
2004 (CD) The Greatest Hits
Dan Fogelberg 1974 (V) Souvenirs
The Four of Us 1992 (Tape) Man Alive
Four Tet 2001 (CD) Pause
2003 (CD) Rounds
2004 (CD) Late Night Tales
2010 (CD) There Is Love in You
Aretha Franklin 1997 (CD) Compilation - no title
Michael Franti and Spearhead 2003 (CD) Everyone Deserves Music
2008 (CD) All Rebel Rockers
Franz Ferdinand 2004 (CD) Franz Ferdinand
2005 (CD) You Could Have It So Much Better
Free 1969 (V) Free
Fenech-Soler 2010 (CD) Fenech-Soler
Fried 2004 (CD) Fried
Frijid Pink 1970 (V) Defrosted
The Futureheads 2004 (CD) The Futureheads
2006 (CD) News and Tributes
2008 (CD) This Is Not the World

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