Thursday, September 01, 2011

Music List - Albums E

A list of Es. It wasn't a drug-related pun when I started collecting. Easy Star All-Stars make me smile with their dub versions of pop greats. If there is one album from 1977 everyone has got it's probably Out of the Blue. Conditioned Soul off the Eurythmics album has one of my favourite all time guitar breaks on it. Jump to 3 mins 09 secs if you are impatient. Everything but the Girl is the music of love (well it is for us) and Eno has enhanced many worship experiences down the years.

808 State 1989 (V) 90
Eagles 1974 (V) On the Border
1976 (V) Their Greatest Hits
Easy Like Sunday Morning 2002 (CD) 20 Classic tracks
Easy Star All-Stars 2003 (CD) Dub Side of the Moon
2006 (CD) Radiodread
2008 (CD) Until That Day
2009 (CD) Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band
Editors 2005 (CD) The Back Room
Dave Edmunds 1979 (V) Crawling from the Wreckage
Eight Mile 2002 (CD) Music Inspired by the Motion Picture
Elastica 1995 (CD) Elastica
Elbow 2002 (CD) Asleep in the Back
2003 (CD) Cast of Thousands
2005 (CD) Leaders of the Free World
2008 (CD) The Seldom Seen Kid
Electric Light Orchestra 1977 (V) Out of the Blue
Electronic 1999 (CD) Twisted Tenderness
Emerson, Lake and Palmer 1970 (CD) ELP
1971 (CD) Tarkus
1972 (V) Pictures at an Exhibition
1972 (V) Trilogy
Eminem 2000 (CD) The Michael Mathers LP
Empire 2000 (CD) Empire Elite
Eno 1973 (V) Here Come the Warm Jets
1974 (CD) Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy
Brian Eno 1978 (CD) Ambient 1: Music for Airports
1982 (CD) Ambient 4: On Land
Erasure 1989 (V) Wild
Eurythmics 1985 (V) Be Yourself Tonight
Bill Evans 1956/58 (CD) Everybody Digs
Everything but the Girl 1994 (CD) Amplified Heart
1996 (CD) Walking Wounded
1999 (CD) Temperamental
2002 (CD) Like the Deserts Miss the Rain
2005 (CD) Adapt or Die
The Experimental Pop Band 1997 (CD) Discogrotesque
2000 (CD) The Tracksuit Trilogy

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