Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Music List - Albums D

Some real favourites here. Dusted is one of my most-loved albums. It's the work of Rollo and the Faithless crew. I remember hearing a track as Mark and Lard's record of the week in the days when they had the Radio 1 afternoon show and I was travelling a lot. The Dead 60s is also an album I turn to when I need to dance alone around the house. Cross between old fashioned R and B and Madness. Definition of Sound was my second ever hip-hop album. The first, by Disposable Heroes, is also here. I bought a remastered Department S compilation recently, hoping they had done other stuff as good as their singles Going Left Right and Is Vic There? They hadn't. Ian Dury and Dr John always a delight. The latter an inspiration as a pianist.  Dr Feelgood on in the car at the moment and What Were Once Vices another candidate for favourite album with no stand-out track. I wonder if Kind of Blue is the album I own that most other people own?

Check out Dr Feelgood doing Roxette here. Sorry about the talking-a-bit-pretentiously introduction first. So, the Ds:

Terence Trent D'Arby 1987 (V) Introducing the Hardline According to ...

The Dark 2010 (CD) The Dark

Miles Davis 1959 (CD) Kind of Blue

1970 (CD) Bitches Brew

Deacon Blue 1987 (V) Raintown

1989 (V) When the World Knows Your Name

The Dead 60s 2005 (CD) The Dead 60s

The Dears 2006 (CD) Gang of Losers

The Decemberists 2005 (CD) Picaresque

Deep Purple 1972 (V) Machine Head

Definition of Sound 1991 (V) Love and Life: A Journey with the Chameleons

Del Amitri 1989 (V) Waking Hours

Delays 2003 (CD) Faded Seaside Glamour

2005 (CD) You See Colours

Delphic 2010 (CD) Acolyte

Department S 2002 (CD) Sub-Stance

Dido 2000 (CD) No Angel

2008 (CD) Safe Trip Home

Diesel Park West 1995 (CD) Freak Gene

Dire Straits 1978 (V) Dire Straits

1982 (V) Love Over Gold

1984 (V) Alchemy

Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy 1992 (CD) Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury

Do Me Bad Things 2005 (CD) Yes!

Doobie Brothers 1972 (CD) Toulouse Street

1973 (CD) The Captain and Me

1974 (V) What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits

1976 (V) Best of the Doobies

Doves 2002 (CD) The Last Broadcast

2004 (CD) Some Cities

2009 (CD) Kingdom of Rust

Kit Downes Trio 2010 (CD) Golden

Dread Zeppelin 2000 (CD) de-jah-voodoo

Dr Feelgood 1991 (CD) Live 1976-90

Dr John 1995 (CD) The Very Best of Dr John

1997 (CD) Voodoo Blues

1998 (CD) Anutha Zone

1998 (CD) A Night in New Orleans

1999 (CD) Duke Elegant

Dr John and the Lower 911 2010 (CD) Tribal

Dubstar 1996 (CD) Disgraceful

Duffy 2008 (CD) Rockferry

Duran Duran 1981 (V) Duran Duran

Ian Dury 1992 (CD) The Bus Driver's Prayer and Other Stories

Ian Dury and the Blockheads 1977 (V) New Boots and Panties

1998 (CD) Mr Love Pants

Dusted 2000 (CD) When We Were Young

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