Thursday, June 09, 2011

Jann - A Short Story Part 7

It was a few weeks later that he raised the matter again. If many little scams had succeeded why not one big one? Rick sketched out his plan. Because Jann trusted him she perhaps looked a little less carefully at the details than she might otherwise have. Whilst staring into his eyes she was poor at listening. Still, the plan seemed pretty good. It never crossed her mind to be suspicious that this lovely, trusting romantic had been spending so much time working out a major fraud. After all she was also a loving, trusting romantic and she had been on the fiddle – just a little but a little fiddle is still illegal.
It worked like this. For special occasions certain jewellers would hire out expensive diamond necklaces against a large deposit. Rick dreamed up a special occasion and took Jann to hire the piece. It was beautiful and she dreamed of wearing it round her neck. But this function was non-existent. Instead of a weekend at a house party they drove as far away from home as they could and in another city arranged for the necklace to be valued by a small jeweller.

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