Friday, June 10, 2011

Jann - A Short Story Part 8

They had it photographed professionally. Then they returned it.

Two weeks later they took out an insurance extension for the new inheritance (from a loving aunt). They used Rick’s name. They evidenced the policy with the photos and the valuation - £30,000.

Whilst their love grew and the minor frauds kept the extra money trickling in they did nothing. In fact they waited patiently until the second year of the insurance and then reported a burglary to the police. They broke a bedroom window, from the outside, and ransacked Rick’s bedroom. Although he and Jann lived together by then he had retained his own rented property. Arriving home later Rick phoned the police at once and then phoned Jann and told her what had happened. She feigned surprise excellently and even told her kids for the first time.

It’s terrible,’ Rick explained to the police and later the loss adjuster, ‘It’s so unusual for me to be out these days but we were celebrating our engagement. What a thing to come back to.’

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