Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Jann - A Short Story Part 6

Last year Jann met Rick. Their friendship blossomed over their mutual interest in a Latin-American dancing class once a week. To a drink after Wednesday’s class was added a meal on Saturday nights, then the cinema on Mondays and by October Jann’s double bed occasionally had two occupants again.
As lust turned to love Jann became increasingly comfortable with Rick. She was perhaps aware that a distinct lack of trust had caused the break-down of her marriage and a couple of other relationships. Rick was different. Not pushy. Definitely a romantic at heart. She sometimes found flowers waiting for her when she got home from work. She was whisked away for weekends in the countryside – discovering at the last minute that the children’s weekends had also been taken care of with visits to school friends. Since the kids liked Rick that meant the world to Jann and, on one weekend away after a few glasses of wine, she trusted Rick with the details of the fraud she had been running.

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