Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Jann - A Short Story Part 5

Over the next few years she made several similarly bogus claims. Not being greedy she restricted her fraud to amounts of money she knew would remain uninvestigated. Most villains get cocky. Not Jann. She exploited all her near neighbours, although of course she intercepted the correspondence so none of them ever knew how much money they were making. She never used the same insurance company twice. Reaching the end of her list of neighbours she began to use addresses beyond the last house in various streets. And she misspelled the name ever so slightly each time. Companies using postcode-linked computer packages would simply assume a building programme. It was to Jann’s advantage that centralised insurance offices, based around call-centres, were many miles from her town. It would have been very unlikely for someone from the company to live in her town.

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