Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Women's Clothing

Last week in theIpaper a quoted survey listed the oldest age at which a woman should be allowed to wear various items of clothing. The top age for mini skirts was put at 35 and there were watermarks (gerrit?) for bikinis (47), high heels (51) and boob tubes (can't remember).

The full list, if you can bear to go there, is on the Daily Mail's web-site.

The survey was commissioned by Diet Chef, presumably a bunch of people who have a vested interest in a woman having a poor image of her own body and wanting to improve it. Just a wild guess. They also only asked women.

It seems as good a time as any to rehearse the WWA guide to clothing:

Men tend to dress to impress women; it doesn't work.
Women tend to dress to impress women; it doesn't work.

Oh and by the way, your beauty does not come from what you wear.

That will be £25 for the consultation.


Steve C said...

The age at which women should be 'allowed' to wear certain items of clothing? 'Advised' surely is more appropriate, unless we're now living in a fascist superstate... oh wait, I forgot - this came from the Daily Mail.

Ray Barnes said...

Some women look good in anything. Some women look awful in everything.
What they 'should' wear, is what they like and if it doesn't fit someone else's idea of the right way to dress, tough!

St said...

Both comments correct I think. I'll reduce my fee accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Women are for sex, with men. Secondarily, we are for bearing children, but beyond providing these two services, everything else is unimportant. No? Look at what messages we get all the time about our clothes, our hair, our relationships with other women (hm hm, St), our jobs, our priorities, our abilities. This article is just day to day filler material, normalising misogyny.