Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cafe Create

Can't wait for Friday evening when Cafe Create is part of Nailsea's Arts and Music Festival Week. We welcome back Rachel Coulson, Nicky Tiddy, Richard Calverley and Pete Wood and top-of-the-bill Atlum Schema. Fine musical treats.

Come if you can. Atlum Schema will probably play from about 9.15-10.15 but drop in for a drink and a chat at any time. Cool lounge music, projected old movies and a free fair-trade bar (donations welcome) will feature as ever and the compere will be Vaguely Amusing (my stage name).

For any of the home team it would be nice if a few people could do a stint behind the bar as we have lost a lot of our regular helpers to a church weekend.

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St said...

Sadly Nicky has just pulled out but still three good acts on.