Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Describing a Circle

The Nailsea Round is a good name for a walk which goes right round the outside of Nailsea. Since it was once a tidal island you get down to sea-level and describe a circle. Mike (@mikepeat in town for two days ministry review mentoring) and I went clockwise yesterday (as viewed from above in case a pedant is reading).

It is a fascinating journey to find where the North Somerset Development Plan in the 1960s stuck all the new on top of, and amongst, the old. Took about two hours of walking so probably about five miles. It's the first time I've done it.

I also enjoyed the view of the early flood defences along the Tickenham Wall. Doing the walk with Mike's iphone4 meant when we couldn't see the landscape clearly we switched on google earth. Brilliant.

Ended with a pint at The Sawyers which has hit sad times. Beer still excellent but the place smelled of dog, chips and Pledge and the decor is really manky but not in a Barn sort of way where it is famously ironic.

Mike has gone back to the frozen north-west now to put into operation all the difficult things he worked out he needed to do by having another person to bounce off. Now I'm off to Exeter for a few hours to catch up with my Arrow mentee.

Next year's BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship) book deadline is tomorrow so that's what I will do when I get back. All day wedding on Saturday and then, whoohoo for a bit of (whisper it) normal life.

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