Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Collecting Symbolic Stuff

Do you have a problem with cards? Someone sends you a thank-you card. When do you throw it out? What about a love letter? Do you keep it? I have some old ones stashed away but I have never re-read them and probably never will.

I am pretty much a minimalist now. I chuck stuff away without sentimentalism. This creates a slight tension with the working style of one of my colleagues - everything he does seems to need to have a symbolic take home item.

I thought of this just now when a small polished stone fell out of my bag. It was the souvenir of a symbolic act of worship or dedication or something we did last week. Trouble is I can't remember what it was meant to be symbolising.

My study was becoming full of written on bricks, named stones and sloganed stakes of wood. I've just put them all in the bin. Felt good.

Not for nothing did Jesus do an eat this drink this rather than a keep this piece of symbolism. Clever chap. I hate clutter.

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