Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Dancing in the Street

It is fearfully depressing, when terrorists have claimed a sizeable target, to see pictures of rejoicing in the streets. I wish no harm to anyone in the world and find it abhorent to think of someone partying on my demise.

Crowds can often be sensible. Rather than being sad at the number of times there is trouble in a crowd, I often rejoice at the fact that we sociable animals manage to get along well, queueing, not walking into each other and corporately rejoicing or lamenting appropriately.

So I was sad that the death of Osama Bin Laden was met with dancing in the street outside the White House. Silence and humilty would have been better reactions. Regardless of how evil the acts of Bin Laden he has followers who will rally at the sight of a party over his death.

I found it too hard to use the post title RIP but BIH is equally inappropriate. He is gone. He was not acting single-handed. Someone innocent will probably be bereaved soon as a direct result. Be wise in crowds brothers and sisters.

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