Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Voting System

I have been listening to the arguments about changing the voting system carefully. I do not think that AV is the best possible alternative to first past the post but I am convinced it is better. The No to AV campaign has been run well politically. Philosophically it has been run deceitfully. The reason most of the nos want to keep the voting system the same is because it will keep more of their party in their seats.

AV does not involve some people getting a second vote. If one candidate has failed to get more then 50% support everyone gets a second vote. Any other spin on this fact is a lie. Cameron is on the radio at the moment and just told Humphrys to go back to school for not believing his lie. Cheeky git. He is saying 'Conservative supporters want to back the No campaign because it is simple, it is fair and it is decisive.' He didn't mention they will vote for it because they will get more MPs.

First past the post does not make it easy for people to vote for their first choice candidate. In many constituencies in which I have lived, a vote for my first choice would have been a wasted vote. I have had to vote on several occasions to try and make sure my least favourite candidate did not get in by voting for my second or even third preference.

Yes to AV will be a small and helpful change and, although sadly the polls make it look as if it will fail, I support it fully.


Jane D. said...

Thanks for pointing that out for me - I have been really struggling with the whole thing, do you have an opinion on the argument that AV is proved not to work by the uptake of only 4 countries in the world taking it on?

Mike Peatman said...

Well put, Steve.

Jane - AV is the only option on the table other than staying where we are. My view is that AV isn't perfect but it is better.

Kev Webb said...

I'm guessing the low uptake elsewhere is because those contries have 'proper' PR. I agree Steve, AV is better than the current system, but am more than a little aggrived we haven't been offered PR. After all the argument that it would be too complicated doesn't hold, as I believe that the Scots, Irish & Welsh Parliaments/Assemblies already use it. I'm also a little miffed that if there is a 'No' vote on AV that it will be seen as a 'No' for PR, which simply isn't the case.

youthblog said...

I'm in the yes to AV, miffed at the campaign ... and wanting PR party :-)

Ian (aka youthblog)