Friday, May 20, 2011


My car, a rather smart, black A3 convertible is German. OK, bits of it are. At the weekend a dashboard warning light came on and, on looking it up, I was told to 'drive slowly to the nearest Audi dealer.' On a Sunday afternoon? Yeah right.

I drove slowly to my nearest home and phoned the following morning. I was told that I could continue driving as long as the car was handling OK (it was) and got an appointment for today to get it checked. On the drive over the emissions warning light came on too.

It transpires that the exhaust gas temperature sensor was faulty and needs replacing. There was not one in stock so I have another appointment on Wednesday morning. Given the temperature to which the air conditioning reduces Bristol Audi's customer lounge I will be taking a fleece.

Here is a made-up statistic:

67.3% of all modern vehicle faults are with the fault-detection equipment.

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