Thursday, April 28, 2011

Street Party

A couple of weeks ago I decided to stick a note through the doors of local houses seeing if anyone wanted a sort of bring and share lunch for the royal wedding bank holiday. We live at a junction so chose to leaflet two roads and a total of 46 houses. I gave five different ways of replying (email, text, tweet, phone or call round). With one day to go 13 households have actually replied and 7 of these have said they will join in. There are enough people coming for us to have a good time together but I wonder if this is normal or should I be disappointed to have been completely ignored by two thirds of the people?


Anonymous said...

I run a Beavers group of about 15: children aged 6-8. I contact parents ftf and follow up by e-mail and have 4 regular responders. This is in the grand scheme of things marginal-but-important stuff about their kids! It's natural to feel disappointed. OTOH, without wishing to compare what we do to the promise of eternal life, even Jesus couldn't get as much as a 7/46 response rate, if you reckon his men and women friends as a % of those who heard him. So you did well. People, eh?

St said...

Thanks Beaver leader. Encouraging.

Anonymous said...

In NZ these types of event arre called "bring a plate" or "potluck dinners". For new migrants we often show up with an empty but pretty plate, wondering what the plate obsession is, or show up with nothing waiting to be surprised, when the surprise is the choices we bring or whether anyone brings a main. Well done for asking in suburbia, where it's too easy to ignore each other.Dizz