Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Playlist

Want to listen to something that will connect with the deep, deep feeling following you around today that this is the day something really important happened? Try this playlist:

Peace by Los Lobos
Is it Like Today by World Party
I Can't Stand the Rain by Ann Peebles
Solid Air by John Martyn
Pink Bullets by the Shins (starts with a brief advert)
Liquid by Jars of Clay (with a Good Friday video)
The King Will Come by Wishbone Ash
Converted by the Alabama 3

1 comment:

Revsimmy said...

I can't get over seeing Wishbone Ash on someone's Good Friday playlist. Over 35 years ago I had a college friend who was a BIG Ash fan and who converted me to their music.

Looking forward to listening to some of the less familiar (to me) stuff on the rest of the list.