Monday, July 26, 2010

Dr English

Dr English pops in to update us all, post-Skate competition, on the language of the day. 'How's it hanging Dr Man?'

'Well old bean, as far as I can recall, these are the words you need in order to conduct a lively commentary on a few people on wheels trying to kill themselves:

Sick = good
Rude = good
Bad = good
Well = very
Wicked = good
Home = good
Pants = bad
Awesome = awesome
Dubtastic = good
Unreal = unbelievably good
Tidy = pleasant or good
Savage = good and possibly difficult
Relentless = good for a long time
Mental = good and risky
Book = cool
Grats = congratulations
Rents = parents
Dude = someone else
Unlucky = rubbish
Stoked = happy
Made up = happy

'I'm still working on one or two others,' says Dr E, but we're sure he'll be back.

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