Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Record?

Trendlewood is a relatively small church. There were just over sixty of us this morning including many visitors, although some regulars were away.

It was an act of worship led by our young people, the first in a series of six all-age services for the summer. They did brilliantly but it meant that I was simply a member of the congregation apart from popping up to do some notices at the end.

Our curate, on maternity leave, joined us with her son. A newly ordained deacon from another church joined us to 'put his face round the door' and say hello. The vicar from the parish next door, between posts, joined us with his family. There were two ordinands in training in the congregation and a third almost on the road to that.

Seven people, at various stages of ministry leadership, all there doing nothing but joining in while young people led us. How cool is that?

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Revsimmy said...

Well rude, dude!
(How was that Dr. E?)