Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Medical Update

Thanks to everyone who has been concerned about my dodgy knee. I know using my blog for a medical update is really tedious, especially for casual visitors, but it will save me repeating the same story over and over so here goes:

Back in February, whilst undertaking that well known dangerous activity turning left in a corridor, my knee clicked. After a bit it started to hurt if I used it, so I rested up. Next day it was massively swollen so I rested up some more. Day three and the swelling went down, stiffness eased and it started to get better. Over the next few weeks it got loads better but never completely. Then, for reasons that I don't understand, it started to get worse again.

I hoped that a holiday might be a chance to rest it, with lots of swimming as therapy. I did that but it didn't work.

We divert to my chest for a paragraph. A grandfather of mine died of a heart attack aged 55 (21 years before I was born) so, although healthy, I am flagged up as one to watch if I get a chest pain. I got a chest pain. I am 55. Saw doctor. ECG was fine but I was sent to some alarmingly titled clinic in Bristol to do a treadmill ECG. This too was fine but, in demonstrating my ability to get my heart rate up and down again, I knacked my knee good and proper. Over competitive ECG use.

I had an X-ray. This has eliminated anything to do with arthritis, floating matter and, as far as they can tell, cartilage damage, so it looks like it is a ligament problem. Next stop is a musculo-skeletal clinic in Clevedon.

In going through this array of tests I have discovered that the reason I get dizzy sometimes when I stand up suddenly is because I have very low blood pressure, apparently a good thing. The chest pain was nothing - maybe acid, maybe a muscle. I have some of those but they are hard to spot.

Thank you for caring. If you didn't how come you read this far?


Anonymous said...

If you don't read to the end, how do you know if you've found all the grammar errors?

Anonymous said...

As a fellow knee sufferer you have all my sympathy. Hope the dr's can sort it soon. Debbie

Anonymous said...

Well, presumably you would read to the end either in sympathy or in *hopeful* expectation!