Thursday, April 01, 2010

Tomb Raiders

I'm surprised that less has been said in the press over the last week or so, unless my pre-occupation with my book deadline has distracted me, of the dig in mid-Palestine on the site of a long-standing Bedouin encampment, now being formally considered as the final resting place of the body of Jesus.

Since the critical myths about Jesus after-death are so sacrosanct to Christians it may be that this story had been suppressed for fear of offence being caused until such time as the remains can be identified with more certainty. Apparently grave notices make clear that the body of a roving preacher, crucified at the hands of Romans, has been discovered. A male aged 25 - 40 is suspected and the initials of his name are either JC or JN.

It seems as if the latest archaeology from the team at Wadi Bin Adagin will change the understanding of the origins of Christianity and pour doubt on its principal tenet - the ascension into heaven of its founder.

Leader of the investigating team, Dutch archaeologist and dendro-chronologist Lar Van Larfaggen said, 'This is a very sensitive issue; we are not prepared to announce or speculate without further evidence.'

MSS will keep you informed.


Anonymous said...

Ha you can't "fool" me!!


Peter said...

Interesting issue, though: I wonder how such a find would change my belief?

I'm worried it wouldn't undermine it quite enough.