Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hello Again

Now then. Where are you? Ah, there. Jolly good. Have you been waiting long? So sorry to have kept you but, the thing is, whenever I've had anything like an idea for a post for the last couple of months my first instinct has been to see if it will make my book script fizz.

For those who have been a bit bored by my constant references to it I apologise sincerely. It's a bit like having a... no it isn't but it feels like I gave birth yesterday without the gore. Today I don't have a baby; just the beauty of not having to do anything between appointments.

Every spare moment for the last month I've been tweaking the text and now it is in the hands of Naomi at BRF. I'll have to wait and see what she, and her panel of readers, think.

Today it was a joy to spend a bit of time planning something else. If you have not been before, tomorrow afternoon's Good Friday hour is a chance to meditate on the death of Jesus with readings, prayers and music. I usually choose music that will not all please all the people. If you like it is a chance to allow the discomfort of listening to something you don't enjoy to disturb you a little. I like the idea of being disturbed in meditation during an hour at the cross. I may sing too; very disturbing. It is worship with your ears; there is no participation. The numbers attending have risen every year since I started doing it in 2007.

I have had some nice feedback on the Easter Journey as people visit shop windows in Nailsea. The art isn't cutting edge installation but it is thought provoking. My prize for the best window will go to Nailsea Bookshop. A special mention for the huge table-setting of stones-to-bread in Homestyle but it is one of Mrs Mustard's shops and families of the judge can't win the prize. I aslo liked the crutches leaning against a stile in Let's Walk. Photos to follow.

I just had a call from a mother who told me her kids think I'm awesome. Shucks, that's nice. That's two people this week who have been specifically impressed before you even get to the funeral I did on Monday at three hours notice due to colleague illness. The Good Friday service may balance that out, based on the letter of complaint last year that the Holy Spirit left the building during one of the pieces of music.

I suspect that if the Holy Spirit needs a break tomorrow the music will not be the reason.

I think I might read something again. I am enjoying Brian McLaren's A Generous Orthodoxy which I am reading with my now-on-maternity-leave curate colleague. I am staring at:

Church Marketing 101 by Richard L. Reising

But I think I have reached the point where so many people have told me to read What's So Amazing About Grace by Philip Yancey that I need to find out what the fuss is about. Last time I succumbed I read The Shack which was very disappointing.

I also bought The End of the Party last week, Andrew Rawnsley's 'Rise and Fall of New Labour'. Not sure they've completely fallen yet. The opposition is unconvincing.

My sister tells me the chattering classes are all chattering again about The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. It is much referenced by commentators on Thatcher's selfish generation but I may leave it until the holidays.

Time to slow down for Easter. I love being able to say that.

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Chris said...

We've slowed down for Easter.. I think we've averaged about 20 miles an hour for the last 2 hours on the M5/M6. Only another 500 miles or so to go...