Friday, March 05, 2010

Great Adverts

A few months ago I posted the really sad news that Mrs Mustard had proclaimed that hearing Mirrored by Battles in our house would be grounds for divorce. She has never, in 32 years used the D word before so boy she must dislike it some.

This same Mrs Mustard has regularly agreed with me that the Garrison Keillor voiced-over Honda adverts are just about the finest ever shown on television.

Well you know that new one? 'Everything we do is part of everything we do.' Guess what the backing track is? She has some thinking to do. I'll let you know.

Oh and 'Everything we do is part of everything we do' is a great team-work maxim by the way and may soon be replacing 'None of us is as smart as all of us' in my team-work training sessions. Not that I do many team-work training sessions these days. It's easier to model it than run a session.

But to intrigue you a bit, what team of twenty people has the main focus of its work in two or three nine second bursts, approximately fortnightly from March to November?


Steve C said...

Formula 1 pit crew?

St said...

Got it in one. Good work.