Friday, March 05, 2010


I used to run a small web-site called RAGGS - Random Acts of Good and Great Service - but it became obsolete. Nevertheless the principle was sound. No firm could ever get mentioned on it unless it provided one of our small team of roving reporters with outstanding service. We would never identify ourselves.

I think MSS is little enough known to take on the work without fear of bribery and corruption.

To begin with, and why I thought of this today, a word for the Post Office passport checking service. I took two passports in for renewal on Monday. They offer to get them back to you within two weeks unless there are mitigating circumstances. (Everyone leaving the country at once in a hurry?) I received the new passports today and just signed for them. Four days. Outstanding. Worth every penny of the extra £8.50 each for such peace of mind.

RAPPS - Random Acts of Particulary Poor Service was too scared of the libel laws to be bothered to exist.

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