Thursday, March 04, 2010

6 Music

Much has been written about BBC Six Music recently. I am like many others; from time to time I dropped in but simply not often enough to register on the audience figures. Like Woolworths - glad it was there but rarely visited. Not good enough.

Phill Jupitus kept me company on the breakfast show over a number of months.

One morning we had a text vote for whether or not to play Curtain Call by the damned in its full 18 minutes of overwrought gothic glory. Hundreds voted yes. Of course, by minute 10, most had changed their mind. That is the beauty of 6 Music. If you don't like what's on now, there's always something good on in a minute.

I love Phill, the populist polymath, but believe he should stick to comedy, poetry, panel games and DJing. Leave well alone the world of maths, there's a love.

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