Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Annoying Adverts Part 343

In Leamington Spa the incredibly chummy, yet still dull, account handler at my local bank told me to call him Dave. He was David. No way was he a Dave.

I haven't thought about him much recently until the two guys in the current Nat West advert:

'What are you up to today?'
'I'm off to see a client.'

No. Really. Wouldn't a more interesting answer be:

'I'm off to pour sugar into the petrol tank of the the bloke who borrowed money for an engagement ring and then bought a car.'

I bet both say 'Call me Dave.' They can't be being played by actors but only Halifax can do the make-our-staff-famous-by-putting-them-in-the-ads thing.

Terrible, terrible stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the friendly personal approach to banking. My mother (85 tomorrow) has a bank 'manager' who insists that she "Call me Lee". About as likely to happen as Frank Pike addressing Captain Mainwaring as George for a second time. Stupid boy.