Sunday, February 21, 2010

Aspect Ratio

We have a new projector in the school hall in which our congregation meets. Whenever this sort of thing happens there is always period of 'bedding in' as projectionists, laptop software and new hardware get used to each other.

We did rather well today, with a lot of adaptation as we went along to shrink words to fit the screen. But we couldn't quite fix the problem of a one character overlap. Whenever a sentence reached right to the end of the line (and this doesn't happen that often because word packages tend not to break words up) we lost the last two letters.

I was trying to think ahead as to whether this might cause any accidental obscenities and warned the congregation appropriately. I couldn't think of any until, in one of the prayers, we thought of feeding the hung.

We're so generous we share our bread with the dead. I guess Nailsea becoming Nails might seem a bit theological. It could have been worse. Any offers of words that get substantially more interesting for the loss of the final two letters?


Mike Peatman said...

If you lose 3 letters, then people living in Shittim might get a raw deal.

fill said...

We prayer for our friends in coming wee.

We don't rely on ourself but some who is divi

Let's turn over and probe Genes

Paul knew he was speaking about unbeliever when he spoke to Tit

Kathryn said...

And there was teh Greenbelt when we all sang
"One day soon there'll be field for the poo"