Sunday, February 21, 2010

Four Tet

Kieran Hebden is one of the great reinventors of the music business. Every album I own of his (he performs as Four Tet) is a new genre. Yet all strangely, and obviously, his work.

Noises made by kids toys share your ears with samples, rhythm tracks and wonderful musicianship. He does the lot himself by and large.

I've never seen him live but look forward to doing so one day. Apparently when he tours a new album he sometimes doesn't play any of it but simply improvises a couple of hours set and then wanders off. You may catch him in a slightly manic, industrial mood so this is not a gig I'm going to with any but about three special gig-goer companions. He's my kind of guy though.

As an introduction watch and listen to Twenty Three off the Pause album here. Stick it for 49 seconds until the guitar comes in; you won't be disappointed. But don't buy or download any album on the basis of this. As I said; every album is a new departure. All the music shops I ever visit seem to categorise it differently. Dancy trippy loungy trance-core. That just about covers it


Mike Peatman said...

I'd come

Jon H said...

Couldn't agree more Steve, has been my soundtrack for the last week.

Very good live...

Jon H said...

A link to a recent Radio 1 mix he did - haven't heard it yet, but getting v.good reviews.