Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bureaucracy 2

In this post a few weeks back I explained that I had received a parking ticket for an offence I did not commit (and can prove it).

Today I received a letter accepting my representation and withdrawing the penalty charge. Annoyingly this is not because of the mighty power of my reasoning, or the rightness of my case but simply that the officer, 'who is no longer in our employ' failed to take a photograph of the vehicle, which was recorded as a black Audi (as is mine) but with a different tax disc number.

Never take on a bureaucrat. Even when you win they leave you feeling like a loser. I have reported the matter to the police.


Ali said...

liking the new look. very green. Very irish

St said...

You lot don't have a monopoly on green you know - but it is nice isn't it?