Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Picture

Thanks for asking. The new top picture is the town of Nailsea taken from Wraxall Hill. Mrs T took it a couple of months back. One of the wonderful things about our town is that it is built on a very leafy hill and 18,500 people and all their roads disappear quickly once you walk out and look down.

Once upon a time Nailsea was a tidal island in a large bay. Only the flood defences at Clevedon stop it becoming so again and global warming may lead to my swapping the Audi for a boat. Last time I checked my house was about 20 feet above sea level.

In the centre you can see our small industrial estate. To the right, behind the sheep is The Barn Pub. In the distance is the Bristol Channel with the islands of Steepholme and Flatholme clearly visible. Guess which is which? Isn't it a nice place to live? We love it.

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