Saturday, August 22, 2009


I love a battle with a bureaucrat me. My father took on all comers at this, especially British telecom (he lived next door to a telephone exchange) and passed the baton to me. I had a few goes at unwinables when I was younger but have settled down recently to only having a go if I know I haven't erred.

So I love this one. I have received a Charge Certificate from the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council explaining that as I haven't paid my parking fine from June it has gone up by 50%. Three problems with this:

1. I didn't get the first Notice, apparently sent in July.
2. At the time of the alleged offence I was on holiday in Malta and my car was not in use.
3. I have not been to Bradford for over ten years.

So this one may run. I have phoned and left a message and sent a letter.


fill said...

Someone is using your number plates. Quite common for stolen vehicles. They find vehicle that are the same colour and model and use your plates. good luck.

david said...

Always risky to take on anyone from Yorkshire over money - I should know I married a Yorkshire lass!

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