Sunday, July 26, 2009


I'm leading/presiding at three services today. You can't get much more variety than a Book of Common Prayer early communion, an all-age informal communion and a New Wine style evening service with worship, word and response (I wish it was wesponse).

I spend some time in my study before such Sundays, thinking and praying my way in. I have to say that I'm a preacher at heart and not a service leader so I need to pray for grace and gifts to do today well.

This Sunday's extras include two families who are leaving us after many years and an explanation about swine flu with the reduction in touching this will lead to. I have no idea how many (if any) children will be at the all-age service.

That was what was in my head at 7.30 a.m. I'll see what happens later and maybe tell you.


Mr Gnome said...

Mr Gnome wishes you well. His Human is confined to quarters following assessment as being SF+. He's currently taking the Tamiflu medication and resigning himself to a few days alone with Radios 4,5,7 and 3 (not 6, as Adam and Joe are on their hols).

Stay bug-free.

Coffee Rum Gateau said...

Just to say the 10.30 service reached the parts that other beers cannot reach if you get my meaning, especially what you said about compassion, definition. Also your phone monologue left me thinking of monologue spin offs connected to different stories from the great book.