Monday, July 27, 2009


I think the one thing I am grateful to God for is that, despite three services to lead rather than preach at, I enjoyed yesterday. I think I am reaching the stage where I thrive on the unknown rather than wanting it all planned perfectly. This came together best in the evening where a few nods and winks exchanged between worship leader, preacher and MC led to a nicely flowing sense of worship, prayer and teaching without someone having constantly to jump up and introduce the next item. Also the sound was particularly well balanced (well done Andy).

Announcing that we would not be sharing a common cup for the near future due to the pandemic led to a few interesting responses:

Don't we have any faith?

Can't we use little cups like the free churches?

Are we turning the cup of blessing into a cup of cursing?

For me, drinking the cup on behalf of the congregation was special, moving and poignant. Maybe over the weeks to come we will (because we are evangelicals) invite different members of the congregation to be the representative. Just a thought. Anyone who says 'me, me' is disqualified.

The age group mainly represented at the all-age service was 60-70.

The monologue referred to in the comments section of the previous post was 'Health Centre receptionist receives call from Lazarus asking for a check up.' You could probably write it yourselves now. 'Why do you want an appointment if you're feeling fine? ... You used to be what?'

It rained pretty much most of the day.


Anonymous said...

I wish the powers that be would leave me to use my own common sense on whether to use a communal cup or not. If I'm going to get swine flu I'm more likely to get it pressing an elevator button than by sharing a communion cup which is wiped before I get it anyway.

For some reason my google account never works when I want to put a comment on here but does for the Notts so I'm not really anonymous. DJK

St said...

So what would you do, DJK, if you were the Archbishop and received advice from the Department of Health?

Anonymous said...

Annoyingly I suppose I'd have to follow it but it all part and parcel of the nanny state that we have become. People are not allowed to make up their own minds any more.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean we don't get the wine at all?
Wasn't around on Sunday.

St said...

That's right Pauline. I'll explain at the next Trendlewood communion. I was at Holy Trinity all day yesterday.

And as I read recently DK, why don't we take the safety notices off everything and let natural selection do its work? We haven't been forced to withdraw the cup; we are simply following the best advice we can get.

Anonymous said...

Some safety notices should be taken off, like the sign on coffee cups warning that the liquid might be hot but at the end of the day a lot of it is common sense, that commodity that so many have now lost, also to do with the culture of suing. But I am very aware that we can't halt this particular tide so have to go along with some things, however reluctantly. DK