Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Week - Saturday

0730 Wake up. Take coffee back to bed. Read in bed.
0830 Get up; make breakfast.
0900 Print off and check last minute details for ordination service. Shower and change. Travel To Holy Trinity.
0930 Arrive at HT. Set up communion vessels. Crush finger between safe door and desk. Administer ice whilst wonderfully efficient Church Warden asks for details for the accident book. Exacerbate injury signing accident book.
1100 Service
1220 Photos, clearing up and smooching
1330 Pop to pub for quick pint with clergy friend and Mrs T
1415 Lunch in the garden. Make shopping list for tonight (Trendlewood social event) and tomorrow.
1445 Drive to shop to get food. Test Mrs T's new satnav
1600 Cup of tea and a break
1730 Start setting up for tonight (10 guests for a wine-tasting evening)
1830 Check details for tomorrow's sermons
1910 Co-hosts arrive
1930 Guests arrive. Taste wine. Demanding this ministry lark isn't it?
2330 Guests leave; clear up
2350 Knock off

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