Friday, June 26, 2009

My Week - Friday

0700 Read papers in bed. Hear the news that Michael Jackson has died.
0800 Communicate one or two things from last night's meeting to parish office. One urgent email. Listen to Radio 4.
0830 Read online tributes to Jacko, surf a little and play online game.
0900 Play keyboards a bit
0915 Surf some more
0950 Make breakfast and listen to CD, having first reprogrammed cooker and stereo after power cut
1055 Surf some more then off to gym, dropping off the keys left from last night to the owner on the way.
1300 Pop into Bristol to get a few DVDs and a CD
1415 Tescos
1445 Lunch watching Wimbledon
1515 Watch movie and do ironing of post-holiday washing. Accept request from Urban Saints to write 1,200 words about Michael Jackson - deadline Monday evening
1800 Watch news and take notes
1830 Cooking and The Now Show on Radio 4
1900 Listen to new CD (new Kasabian - excellent)
1930 Drink with Mrs T as she arrives home, then supper
2030 Evening watching Glastonbury (Ting Tings have come on a bit since I last saw them), the news and Michael Jackson tributes followed by search for old Jacksons vinyl singles. Especially enjoy State of Shock (with Mick Jagger) and Going Places (1977)
2040 Turn in

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