Thursday, December 04, 2008

Game for a Laugh

Some creatures get used to living with motor vehicles. Or if they don't they have a survival of their species strategy that will cope with roadkill along the way. Rabbits have such a short gestation that by the time you've scraped the body off the carriageway another 10 million have been born. Not good news for Bright Eyes personally but the Brerstory goes on and on, as it were.

Crows and magpies seem able to eat their supper off a country road whilst keeping an eye out for the traffic.

So here's to the pheasant this morning which managed to take off from the side of the road and fly gently into the side of my car to be butted by the wing mirror. Unlucky? I don't think so. Survival of the stupidest just doesn't happen.

I half wondered, and mentioned to my passenger, that we might only have stunned the bird but, as we drove back home six hours later, sure enough the crows and magpies were munching game carcass, moving to one side to let us pass as we approached.

RIP Mr Pheasant (it was a male).

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