Thursday, December 04, 2008

Advent Thought 5

Bristol and Bath Folio magazine is free and therefore, not unexpectedly, is mainly full of promotional copy, albeit presented glossily.

Here is a sample of text from the review of the restaurant Giraffe at Cabot Circus:

'To go to Giraffe is to hitch yourself a ride on the zeitgeisty metrosexual designer coattails of Friends and Sex and the City.'

Now please weight this thought. As someone who often has to do a three-point turn and reverse up the zeitgeist for better traction I may not be best qualified etc. But who says long-finished American TV series set up anything to be on-trend these days? Who, in their right mind, would hitch a lift off anyone wearing coattails?

Consider this. Do you hitch or do people hitch from you? Strap on some confidence and live today as a trend-setter, without buying anything, or eating anywhere, zietgeisty. 'You are uniquely and wonderfully made...' the psalmist reminded. That's zeitgeisty enough for me. Sex and the City? Pah. Just sit and be sexy.

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